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BlueScape Environmental

A powerful resource to help move business forward and reduce business risk.

Founded in 1997, BlueScape is a leading full-service environmental consulting and engineering firm.  We are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service throughout the Western US and across the continental United States.  BlueScape recognizes the difficulties faced by companies trying to sustain a healthy company, while conforming  to ever increasing, ever changing environmental regulations in a tough economic climate.  Our knowledgeable team of environmental engineers and scientists applies regulatory analysis, engineering methodologies, software modeling, and agency negotiation skills to assist clients in solving tough environmental problems.

Knowledge to meet a variety of client needs.

BlueScape takes great care in developing first-hand knowledge of our client’s needs by analyzing their industry focus, equipment and operational needs and strategic business plans.  The analysis allows BlueScape to formulate a specialized service plan that highlights all areas of focus in which we can assist our clients.  To meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients, BlueScape not only draws on in-house technical and management expertise, but we have also have formed strategic alliances with other firms that have special engineering or industry knowledge.

Success made possible by our clients.

BlueScape has our clients to thank for our company growth and expansion.  Our clients recognize our in-depth knowledge of federal, state and local regulations, and the ability to help manage compliance issues for their operations.  As we continue to grow and enter new service markets, we will keep pace with the growing needs of our clients.  BlueScape’s goal is to provide the best possible customer service for client long-term environmental needs.