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Business & Risk Management

Chemical storage; what are the risks and requirements?

Companies that plan to use significant quantities of hazardous materials can be required by USEPA or state agencies to complete and submit Hazardous Material Business Plans or Risk Management Plans to communicate potential risks and address how spills will be minimized or handled.

BlueScape works with you to create risk management plans for accidental chemical releases:

  • We will assess the need for a risk management plan filing.
  • We will calculate potential chemical emissions from a spill (source term).
  • We will choose appropriate dispersion models to predict the distance to toxic endpoints.
  • We will help you to develop safety procedures and training programs.

Once the planning documents have been completed, we will file the documents for your company, work with you to develop appropriate risk management and training procedures and help you to coordinate activities among various response agencies.

When your company must meet these regulation requirements:

  • Federal Risk Management Program
  • CalARP
  • Hazardous materials business plan requirements
  • Hazardous operations (HAZOP) review

Turn To BlueScape...

We provide the necessary technical services:
  • Assess risk management planning applicability
  • Risk management plan preparation and submittal
  • Development of safety procedures and training programs
  • Chemical spill (source term) calculations
  • Accidental release model selection and modeled impacts
  • Risk communication

We utilize various tools:


We will help you to develop business & risk management plans tailored for the hazardous chemicals used by your company.

Sample Projects

Industry: Electric Power Generation
Client: Intergen N.A.: Wildflower Energy LP
Prime Contractor: Resource Catalysts

Risk Management Plan and Business Plan for Aqua Ammonia Storage: Peaker Turbine Facility in Otay Mesa, California. Completed a CalARP Risk Management Plan (RMP) and Hazardous Materials Business Plan for storage of aqua ammonia at the proposed Wildflower Energy Larkspur Power Generation facility in Otay Mesa. Because the project was under a 21-day licensing process before the California Energy Commission, the time schedule for work completion was very tight. Under CalARP Program 2 requirements, BlueScape managed completion of the hazard review, an off-site consequence analysis, and submittal of the RMP and business plan documents. The plans were reviewed and approved by the County of San Diego Department of Environmental Health Hazardous Materials Division.

Industry: Ammonia Storage and Refrigeration
Client: Hill Brothers Chemicals & Modern Ice and Cold Storage
Prime Contractor: DENALI, Inc.

Accidental Release Modeling; Anhydrous and Aqua Ammonia Storage. Completed Program 2 CalARP (RMP) modeling studies for a chemical company that stores and redistributes for sale anhydrous and aqueous ammonia, and a food cold storage facility. For each facility, assessed the worst-case and alternative release scenarios for each process utilizing ammonia, then calculated the source term (ammonia release rates) for each process. The worst-case and alternative case impacts were determined using the DEGADIS model and USEPA guidance.

Industry: Public Agency
Client: Modesto Irrigation District
Prime Contractor: DENALI, Inc.

Accidental Release Modeling; Acrolein Storage. The Modesto County Irrigation District needed to assess the potential offsite consequence due to a worst-case spill of acrolein from a storage facility. Used the AFTOX model to estimate the offsite distance to the acrolein endpoint. Assumed that a worst-case spill of all acrolein stored will be contained within an underground sump of determined depth to reduce the extent of modeled impacts. Using the modeling refinement, only a Program 1 Risk Management Plan was required, with minimal planning requirements.